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I found a Thick of it community with icons and.... guess what?! SLASH! Malcolm/Jamie slash :D *giggles with evil glee* My 6 day week doesn't seem so bad now I can cram in some of this cross scotty goodness, like a hamster gorging on cheesy peas XD

I also upgraded to a paid account with tons more icons and changed the journal style I've been sick of for so long. 

All in all, life seems significantly less shit. While I know there are riots all over the Uk and in London, it doesn't make me a bad person that such stupid little things make me happy, right? I checked my family are ok and everything.

Bees on Cocaine!

 Watching Qi XL tonight and there was mention of a study of the behaviour of bees on cocaine. Which instantly prompted me to turn to the nearest person and ask "who would perform that experiment?!" foolish question, I realised a second later. I am taking this as proof - in my little dubiously hinged mind - that Holmes canon is in fact the stuff of real life ;) (only with added slash obviously XD) what further arguments are needed?

Also yay, Oscar Wilde's birthday (I haven't gone to sleep yet so technically it still is).

Much that is boring

 work has been soooooo mental! In a good way though, mostly. I was in for almost 12 hours on Tuesday and it'll be even longer next week I think as we did 28 pallets this week and might be up to 50 this week, though will hopefully it'll arrive early than 3 in the afternoon this week. Sadly I'm probably going to miss the crime thriller awards :( I'm not sure if I'm doing well or not because I tend to get paranoid and so can't tell what are valid concerns and what aren't but I think I'm fairly safe in assuming that most of them think I'm a weirdo but luckily I recognise a few weirdos amongst them and they wont mind at least. I 'm not getting on well with the new assistant manager at all though - she treats me as though she wouldn't trust me to spell my own name and I'm worried that it's going to affect my job because naturally I don't respond well and I have to stop and think when I'm being unreasonable in wanting to resist her - it's difficult not to just do it on instinct, plus I have to have progress meetings every few months and I'm worried they'll get bad feedback from her. I think that the problem is that she's a complete, compulsive control freak - she trusts no one to do the simplest thing as well as her so she'll ask me to do something and then do it while I stand around, or if I'm given a task by someone else she'll come over and 'help' and while help is good often, it isn't when, for example, she wont let me see the layout plans. Ugh. But other than that it's all good. The head boss is very funny - lots of yelling and swearing down the phone at people, he reminds me of Malcolm from The Thick of It XD but I don't think I'd be pleased if he turns it on me. Anyway with any luck the shop should be open next week or the week after. AND I might get a free rabbit cage and/or a free cat tray, which are both broken but useable (cage is massively cracked in the base but tbh with tape I doubt the boys would make it worse, and it's only for if they're sick and need to be separated again, or if they have hip problems in their dotage and can't manage the bigger one. The cat tray is one of those covered ones with a flap, and the flap didn't come with it. Anyway it's going well but I'm very tired and achey, enjoying a chance to catch up on here on my day off.

Still waiting to hear back about the cats. We cleaned the house and everything :( The man from the rescue wants to do a home check and I've given him all our numbers, I can't very well do more than wait but I have a feeling he's too busy to get round to it right now and I don't want to badger him :( I hope he arranges it soon though. 

I finished Maurice and wish I'd read it first now, I appreciate how very difficult a book it would be to film and what a very good job they made, especially as they condensed it quite a bit. 

Finally, I still very much need a (possibly animated) icon of Benedict Cumberbatch fellating putting that torch in his mouth in The Blind Banker because it induces some sort of pleasant arrhythmia in me. Oh for photoshop! or some basic understanding of computers O.o
 The big thing being that my internet is installed and working!!!!!!!!! I swear it could be installed in Sierra Leone with less hassle O.o ah well all sorted now and I can now click on cock-sock linkies to my hearts content without people filing some kind of report against me :D not to mention all the fangirling, commenting and icon collecting I've missed out on since...... July. (can't believe I still need to comment on Katieforsythe's newest story, I should be shot.) 

Non internet related everything being that I'm dead on my feet from work setting up the new shop - new assistant manager is a massive headwreck as a manager but a really nice person to talk to so I'm hoping she'll develop some ability to delegate and not ride roughshod over me, everything I do and everything I say soon enough. Thank God Alan (main manager) is back tomorrow though or I would have quite literally screamed. Other than that I'm really enjoying it. I was building cat trees all of Tuesday and apart from the sisal burns and cuts it was really rather satisfying, and my fear of ladder related heights is taking a lot of challenging so I'm looking at that positively and hoping it will go away because of it. Feel like I'm coming down with something which I hope will be ok by the time the shop opens because there should be a lot going on which is rather exciting - it's very sad how satisfying it is seeing it take shape every day :S Another good thing about it is the amount of French I'm discovering I know, although some of the labels are totally in German (even though they're meant not to stock stuff like that) so I will probably have to learn some of that - which is good, expanding my horizons and all that (I've already learned chicken is glufugal - or something), if only I could get a pet related German dictonary instead of conversational.

Having money is nice too, I went into town last night and after much searching in the library, vibes and scribes and HMV I finally found Maurice (in book form) in Waterstones, where I'd already tried once before. They didn't have it out but a guy at the till was really nice and found it lurking in the stock room for me - they'd only got it in the day before apparently :DDD so started that last night and really looking forward to finishing it *squee* then went shopping again today, sent some petfood home to Sweep cos it's better than he gets at home, and got a lovely new coat cos being the idiot that I am I didn't move over any of my winter things yet >< I also got a 10% discount cos a button was missing from the front, but there was a spare one inside!!! I no longer have to walk about the town looking like a farmer in a hoodie, body warmer and anorak in order not to freeze and it goes with my other stuff too so I wont be dressing like a mad parrot any more! \0/ 

Um other than that I'm having a week of trying new stuff, so tonight I'm making rabbit stew, which will hopefully be nice. The butcher thought I'd be all squeamish and offered to chop and gut it for me and I hesitated and then said "oh go on then, it's probably best or I'll just end up dissecting it." then I realised I was stooping to look through the sneeze guard as he did it and my friend was giving me very odd looks and I had to explain "sorry, I'm a zoologist, not a psychopath." and he said "I did wonder" O.o oops, ah well. Friend was totally freaked out though. 

And the last bit of excitement being we're getting cats! I miss Sweep so much I think it'll be really nice, though obviously I'll still miss him, I will at least have the comfort and entertainment of one. We're actually getting 2 although only intended to get one. We went down to the sanctuary and had a look (many heartbreaking cases and some that might be better off for being PTS really) and eventually decided on a possible FeLV one (though I'm hoping from the sounds of it only primary and recovering) and her daughter, who's clean. The mum is all white which I've never gone for much but absolutely gorgeous and so affectionate - she let me hold her and sat facing me, with all my Sweep related experience poised for a face-attack but she was totally calm and gentle, I'm a little in love. Dave (my partner, bf, whatever he is) was similarly enamoured of the daughter who is a tab and white and playful and generally adorable in that gangly kitten way. The mum can't go outside at all in case she passes it to other cats (the daughter is vaccinated) so I don't feel bad about keeping her indoors and the people at the rescue and at work, said keeping them together will be best for them if they're inside. After much decisioning yesterday I've decided (90%) to call the mum Tiramasu, Su/ Suzie for short, as it got the most approvals from my shortlist when I asked people (thankies to xarixian - I'm still quite keen on (Desde)mona the vampire), and Dave says he's calling the daughter Esmerelda (Esme for everyday). The rats are about the same as ever, Algy's still a worry and I'm hoping to get a day off in advance soon so as to take him down the vets again and see if heart meds will improve things. Here's hoping. 
Do you think having children is a fundamental human right? Should there should be any restrictions?

Hmm, this is controversial but I believe strongly that breeding is not a fundamental human right.. nowhere near as fundamental as the rights to clean water and air, food, shelter, freedom from persecution etc etc and whilst there are too many people on the planet already for half of them to have these rights I don't think that it's a good idea to breed any more. As a conservationalist I also believe that the rights of other species to survive outweighs the rights of humans to have children because they want to. Basically I think that we're going to be in serious hot water as a species because the carrying capacity of the planet for the human species is fast being over stretched, and when the carrying capacity of an environment is overstretched the species numbers decline because individuals begin to die. I think that the human population actually needs to decline for at least 5 generations for things to be at a sustainable level for the species and the rest of the world. My restriction would be 0.5 children to every person, so each couple can have 1 child, but an individual can't have another with another partner. I wouldn't want to enforce it with surgery or anything horrible like that, in my ideal world people's own sense of responsibility would make them take precautions. I'd also say that there would be no limit on adopted children... like cats, I'd rather people give a home to ones that need them than breed more because they feel like it.

Random Squee Post - Maurice

I've been hearing so much in the BBC Sherlock fandom about Maurice and how good it is, as well as posting icons of a surprising pretty Rupert Graves, and so naturally I wandered off to youtube and took a peek and.... OH MY GOODNESS I've rarely been so violently in love with a film! I actually wanted to re-watch it as soon as it ended, it made me slightly sad and wonderfully happy in a warm and fuzzy sense ^.^ as well as having a fantastic cast and being a very interesting study of character and the pre first world war era. Sadly neither of the DVD shops in the city have it so I'm going to have to borrow the bf's card and get it online when I have some cash to give him, luckily both HMV and Amazon are selling it for about 4 quid wheeeeeeeeee :DD and now naturally I have to go and read it, which also gives me a good excuse to go down and join the library :)


Literary Criticism

Title: Literary Criticism
Author: Katead
Rating: PG
Fandom: Canon (or possibly anti-canon)
Characters and Pairings: Holmes/ Watson
Summary: Watson is less than pleased with Holmes' attempt to help him with his writer's block
Warnings: None other than shocking lack of plot, though if you haven't read BLAN (and maybe MAZA) it wont make much sense at all.
Word Count: Roughly 3000
Disclaimer: Ok I admit it I'm not ACD, knew I should've grown that moustache :(
Notes: This started as an attempt at humour and ended up more fluffy than a cloud soaked in fabric softener, but frankly I'm just elated to have written something that took less than…. 4 months (or a week in this case, whoopee). Unbeta'd so I have no one to blame for any grammatical or factual slip-ups.

"For God's sake Holmes!"Collapse )

RE Interview from HELL and more

 So um I got the job... wtf??? Pending references but WOOP! So got my fingers crossed because it will be fantastic! 

I want to do more posts (there's 2 more Sherlock episodes to squee over after all and I have even finished some fic :O), however, persistent lack of internet and need to do other things with my day like buy food (honestly!) means I don't have time now, or most of the time in fact, but I need to post in order to show off my brilliant new mood theme!!! I tried to get a Granada Holmes one a while ago but it wouldn't work so BBC Holmes next best thing right? Of course it is *squee*

Interview from HELL!

Massively miseried about an interview I have today because I *REALLY* want the job and just got the vibe from the guy who was doing the interviews that he was fishing for something that I just wasn't giving him >.< I dunno, it's bad enough not getting jobs I need but aren't keen on but for one that I need and desperately want, it's hard for my fragile ego/ motivation to get up and go again. I think that's the problem, I massively freaked out before hand and ended up probably looking a bit wild eyed and crazy and being continually fidgetty/ tripped by questions, not good :( 

It also occurs to me I've been posting a lot of emo shit atm, I should try and do some purposely positive posts to counteract that or something. Ah well maybe a rewatch of Sherlock and attempting to draw Benny!Holmes for xarixian will cheer me up out of my funk
 - No internet, an hour and a half a day is not long enough to catch up on my fangirling and comment on all the brilliance here, apply for jobs and get advice on my rat

- No job, yes I like spare time but really, this is ridiculous, I feel like I'm under an obligation whenever something involves money and the bf or a friend has to pay for me. It's embarrassing and I know they do it because they want to but it makes me feel really awkward and frankly unequal.

- No TV seriously, I'm still waiting to see episode 2 of Sherlock! It's not gonna arrive til after the 3rd one has aired, and dammit I wanna fangil with everyone else.

- Sick ratty. Not sick of him, but sick of feeling like a bitch for keeping him in a tiny carrier which he hates and forcing medicine down him, I feel more like a prison guard than a mummy :( He's the sweetest little thing though and luckily forgives me immediately, which somehow makes me feel worse. 

apologies to anybody who read this under the impression that it might be interesting, I'm gonna hang up the emo for a bit now :)